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The average resume review is six seconds.  Six seconds!  Yet, your resume is the most important tool for getting you through-the-metaphorical-door for an interview.

We will discuss how to create an effective resume (for a free resume guide and template to start, see here). And, we will talk about how to create your highly customized Six Second Summary – to ensure that you make it past that six second screen.  An effective Six Second Summary will get you more interviews by showing how you are the right match for each job.  This package includes two 30-minute phone sessions + 2 rounds of reviews.  $150. Interested?  Get in touch here.


Not sure what you want to do?  Or how to navigate the job search?  Or maybe you know what you want to do, but want to learn how to navigate the job search more effectively.  Perhaps how to network more effectively?  Or interview successfully?  Or negotiate a higher salary?  Or just navigate any other aspect of the job search?  For coaching to meet your specific needs, get in touch here.