About Heather

Hello.  And, welcome.  Nice to meet you.

Several years ago, I realized that I wanted more in life.  I wanted a life I loved – and working 80-hours a week wasn’t enabling me to spend time on the most important things.  Like my family.  And friends.  And artistic pursuits.  And my puppy Ollie.  So, I quit my job.  (Turns out, it wouldn’t be the last time – a couple years ago, I did it again and travelled.  Read more about it here.)

But, I had no idea how to find another job–much less one that I really loved.  And I quickly learned: the job search is not what it seems.  Applying for jobs online led to radio silence.  Following the conventional interview approach wasn’t enough.  And networking seemed terrifying (yes, I’m an introvert).

I quickly realized that I needed to figure out how to navigate the job search.  I needed to learn the unwritten rules. So, I interviewed a ton of people who had mastered it.  Friends.  Colleagues.  Classmates from Stanford Business School.  People at big companies (like Google, Facebook, BCG and Goldman Sachs). People at small companies.  Entrepreneurs founding their own companies.

Through this research, I learned the secrets for successfully navigating the job search – and got 5x more job offers.  See these articles and resources for top tips on how you can dominate each aspect of the job search (resume, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, negotiating) to find a job that you love.

I am writing a book to share this novel approach – and would love to work with you in your job search.  Before my recent year of travel, I worked at Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting Group, and Gap, Inc.  And did an MBA at Stanford University and an MA in Art History at the University of Oxford.  (Definitely have diverse interests.  And, they’ve led to some fascinating roles – like working in art private equity in China.)

I recently returned to San Francisco after taking a year off to pursue some life goals.  Like spend a ski season in Taos, NM.  And hike our national parks (favorites: Joshua Tree and the Utah parks).  We also went international – driving the ring road in Iceland and exploring the deserts of Namibia.  And, we spent quality time with family and friends.

My husband, Robin, and Golden Retriever, Ollie, are pretty stellar travel companions.  And we just added a new travel companion to the mix – our son, Ever.