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I Learned the Secret to Interviewing and Got 5 Times More Job Offers

How to Negotiate — and Make a Million Dollars in Your Lifetime [For a negotiation calculator, see below.]

How to Learn to Negotiate Easily – for Those Who Avoid It

How to Get Promoted

*For more career resources, see below.



5 Reasons to Quit Your Job.  Without Another One.




On average, recruiters spend six seconds “reading” each resume.  Six seconds!  Yet, your resume is the most important tool for getting you through-the-metaphorical-door for an interview, along with how you apply for the job (e.g. networking – see below for tips). 

Here’s how to get your resume in the invited-to-interview pile:


LinkedIn is central to the recruiting process.  Recruiters can find you on LinkedIn – and target you for open jobs.  Your interviewers will probably LinkedIn-stalk you before your interview.  (And you should do the same to your interviewers.)  And in these increasingly technological days, some companies only ask to see your LinkedIn profile. 

Here are a few resources for making it stand out:


85% of jobs are found through networking.  Yet, people often avoid doing it in their job search.  Walk around a huge hotel ballroom trying to awkwardly converse with strangers wearing sticky-name tags and drinking bad coffee?  No thanks.

But, effective networking is nothing like this – and won’t require you to wear a name tag.  Instead, networking simply involves talking to people – just one-on-one to get information and form genuine connections that can (sometimes) lead to a job.

Here’s how to do it:

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People who don’t negotiate miss out on $500k or more over their lifetime. I initially doubted this, so I ran the numbers. And — it really is true (see for yourself using the calculator below).  

Here are some top tips for negotiating: